Arba number

The Board reviews applications in the order in which they are received.


Due to the number of applications already on hand and the complexity of many of the cases, it may be as long as 12 months or more before you receive notification of the decision on your request. Be assured that the Board will consider your application as soon as possible and will notify you by mail as soon as a decision is made. Please notify us if your mailing address changes during this time. If you want to confirm that your application was received and is in process, and you did not receive an acknowledgement letter to that effect, you may email us at army.

If it has been more than 18 months since you applied and you have not received a letter telling you the board's decision, you may email us at army.

Click here to report a change in your contact information. The RE code is not changed or upgraded solely to allow enlistment reentry into the service. Soldiers separated with an RE-3 or RE-4 code must seek a waiver from a recruiter to enlist. Depending on the type of discharge and disqualification, a waiver may not be possible. For this type of correction, please send a letter and a copy of your DD Form to the following address requesting the correction:.

If the Human Resources Command denies your request and you can provide evidence that the RE code is erroneous or unjust, you may apply to the Army Board for Correction of Military Records for a correction of the RE code.

If you were discharged within the last 15 years and can provide evidence that your reason for discharge is erroneous or unjust, you can apply to the Army Discharge Review Board requesting that your reason for separation be changed to the correct reason with corresponding RE code.

Welcome to the ARBA

To apply to the Army Board for Correction of Military Records or the Army Discharge Review Board, you may complete an online application for discharge review on this website - or - you may print a blank DD Formapplication for correction of military records, on the Correction of Military Records application procedure page on this website and mail it to the address shown on the reverse of the form.

Please provide copies of all relevant military records in your possession and any evidence to support your request. This agency does not have copies of military records or DD Form discharge documents. Louis, MO There is no automatic upgrade of a discharge after 6 months or any other time period. Changes or upgrades to discharges are only made if there is a proven error, injustice, or inequity in your discharge.

Contact Information

You must provide with your application evidence and supporting documents to show that there is an error, injustice, or inequity in your discharge. You may complete an online application for discharge review on this website - or - you may print a blank DD Form discharge review application on the Army Discharge Review Board application procedures page on this website and mail it to the address shown on the reverse of the form.

Please provide copies of all relevant military records in your possession and any evidence you have to support your request. You may complete an online application for discharge review on this website - or - you may print a blank DD Formapplication for correction of military records, on the Correction of Military Records application procedure page on this website and mail it to the address shown on the reverse of the form.

You can apply for a correction to records by completing an online application for discharge review on this website - or - you may print a blank DD Formapplication for correction of military records, on the Correction of Military Records application procedure page on this website and mail it to the address shown on the reverse of the form. However, if you were discharged within the last 15 years, unless the discharge was directed by a court-martial, and you are requesting that your discharge be upgraded or your reason for discharge be changed, you must first apply to the Army Discharge Review Board.

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You may find answers to many of your questions on the FAQ page on this website. You may also request information on correction of Army military records and Army discharge review from:. Email for assistance - army. Contact Information Please click on the subject for which you want help. I want to know the status of my application. I have submitted an application and want to report a change in my address, email, or phone number.

I want to request a change of my RE code Re-entry Eligibility code. I want a copy of military records or a copy of my DD Form discharge.

I want to have my Army discharge changed. I want to correct an error or injustice in my military records. I have a question that is not addressed here. Army RSS.January 12, These Terms do not alter in any way the terms of any other agreements you may have with ABA for products, services or otherwise.

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If you access the Service from locations outside the U.What are the benefits of being a member of the ARBA? Anyone is welcome to join the ARBA. We are a service organization that caters to anyone interested in the rabbit or cavy hobbies on a pet, fancy exhibitionor commercial level.

arba number

Are you ready to join us? Click here to join! How long is my membership good for, and when can I renew? The ARBA has one year or three year memberships.

The term of a membership expires 1 or 3 years from the date you join, depending on the term you choose. Once you have become a member of the ARBA, you may renew at any time, and the period of renewal 1 or 3 years is simply extended from your current expiration date. Your expiration does not change once you have become a member, unless special circumstances warrant such. You do not have to wait until your membership is expired, or is due to expire, before you can renew.

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Notices are mailed one month prior to your expiration date as a reminder, and also one month after your expiration date if a renewal is not received. What do I have to do in order to become a registered breeder? Anyone may breed and raise rabbits or cavies by simply starting with a male and female. You may wish to check with your local authorities however, to insure there are no ordinances against you raising rabbits or cavies.

The ARBA offers the privilege to members of registering their rabbits, cavies, rabbitry or caviary name, however; this is not necessary in order to be a member of the ARBA. How do I register my rabbits or cavies?

In order to register your rabbits or cavies, you must be a member of the ARBA. The rabbit or cavy must be at least 6 months of age, and you must have a 3 generation pedigree for the animal being registered. All ancestors in the 3 generations MUST be of the same breed as the animal being registered. A licensed Registrar for the species must examine the animal and fill out an application for registration, which is sent to the ARBA office.It commemorates the martyrdom of Husayn ibn Alithe grandson of Muhammadwho was martyred on the 10th day of the month of Muharram.

Imam Husayn ibn Ali and 71 of his companions were martyred by Yazid L. The significance of the number 40 has roots in a saying hadith of Muhammad: "On the day of judgment, among my people, God will consider whoever memorized forty Hadiths as an erudite man". Numerous Islamic scholars have gathered collections of forty hadith, quoting from the prophet and the Imamswho followed him through the Shia sect.

According to tradition, his visit coincided with that of the surviving female members of Muhammad's family and Husayn's son and heir, Imam Ali ibn Husayn Zayn al-Abidin also spelled Zain-ul-Abideenwho had all been held captive in Damascus by Yazid Ithe Umayyad Caliph.

Zayn al-Abidin had survived the Battle of Karbala and led a secluded life in deep sorrow. He lived under pressure and tight surveillance set by Umayyad Caliphate. One day a servant said to him, 'O son of Allah's Messenger! Is it not time for your sorrow to come to an end? Jacob the prophet had twelve sons, and Allah made one of them disappear.

arba number

His eyes turned white from constant weeping, his head turned grey out of sorrow, and his back became bent in gloom, [a] though his son was alive in this world.

But I watched while my father, my brother, my uncle, and seventeen members of my family were slaughtered all around me. How should my sorrow come to an end? Following the invasion of Iraq, the observance in April was broadcast worldwide.

The city of Karbala in Iraq is the center of the proceedings which many pilgrims travel miles on foot to reach. The crowds become so massive that roads are blocked for hundreds of miles. Peace be on the favorite of Allah, Peace be on the beloved friend of Allah, His distinguished hero! Peace be on the choicest confidant of Allah, sincerely attached precisely like his father! Peace be on Hussain, who gave his life in the way of Allah, a martyr, underwent untold hardships Peace be on the hostage surrounded by the tightening circle of sorrow and grief, killed by a horde of savages.

He met with deadly dangers, acted justly and fairly, made use of everything belonging to him to pay full attention to give sincere advice, took pains, made every effort and put his heart, mind, soul and life at the disposal of Thy mission to liberate the people from the yoke of ignorance and evil of bewilderment, but an evildoer, deceived with empty hopes of mean and worthless worldly gains, had pressed heavily on him, and sold out his share eternal bliss for the meanest and lowest bargain, betrayed his "day of judgment" for a vulgar return, took pride in insolence, fell into the fathom- well of silly stupid follies, provoked Thee and Thy Prophet to anger, did as the harsh discordant, the hypocrite, the heavily burdened bearers of sin, condemned to Hellfire, advised to him, however, he the Holy lmamsteadily, rightly and justly coped With them, till, in Thy obedience, gave his life after which his family was set adrift.

arba number

Pilgrims from European countries including Sweden, Russia and even a delegation from Vatican City have joined in past observances. Some Iraqi Christian religious leaders also joined the delegation from the Vatican. It was first used there to protest the killing of supporters of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in Qom on 5 June when a general strike was announced. Furthermore, the method used to determine when each Islamic month begins varies from country to country see Islamic calendar.

This date is shown for a selection of years, according to the Umm al-Qura Calendar of Saudi Arabiain the table below: [ citation needed ]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.The American rabbit is considered a rare breed by the American Livestock Breed Conservancy which lists the American as critical. This breed possesses a calm temperament making it an excellent project. They come in two varieties colors Blue and White. Visit the club website. Find a Breeder.

Stahl and Jack Harris and the rest is history. The Chinchilla can be credited with the development of more breeds and varieties of rabbit worldwide than any other breed of domestic rabbit. The versatile American Chinchilla is the most rare of all the Chinchilla breeds but is a worthy competitor on the show table. The American Fuzzy Lop became a recognized breed in The American Sable is distinguished by its luxurious brown coat that shades from a dark sepia over the top to a lighter shade of sepia over the sides.

It has a dark sepia face, ears, feet, and tail. They are often compared to a mink in color. They are an ideal breed for show, meat and fur. With their dense, glossy, silky coat with a deep chocolate brown undercolor, the Argente Brun is a handsome and striking animal.

Accepted at the 92nd ARBA Convention in Portland, Oregon and successfully presented by Charmaine Wardrop, this breed has joined the ranks of the fabulous frosty rabbits that enjoy a distinct place in the hearts of breeders everywhere.

Visit the club Facebook Page. One of the oldest breeds of rabbits in America, the Belgian Hare can trace its roots back to the s. They were developed in the early part of the 18th century in Eastern Europe through selected breeding of wild and domestic rabbits. The Belgian Hare has a very distinct, lithe and elegant body and makes a striking presence on the show table. The Beveren has a rich European history. First developed in Beveren, Belgium during the 19th century and created from crosses of the Brabanconne, St.

Nicolas Blue, and the Blue Vienna. Although rare in the United States, the active and energetic Beveren has a devoted following.The support that Cicci and her colleagues provided was outstanding.

We had a few minor things that needed to be adjusted during our trip and we received immediate and prompt service. All questions were addressed quickly and when changes were required, all our requests were met with a willing attitude.

The trip was wonderful and it was nice to know that we had someone to contact should we have encountered any problems. We were very pleased with the service provided by our travel consultant, Sofia.

She was very prompt in replying to all our queries. We enjoyed the itinerary where different experiences were offered - various train rides and cruises.

The hotels were good, all centrally located and spacious with very good breakfasts provided. Everything is planned for with detailed information, maps and vouchers. All we needed to do was present ourselves at the various venues. We felt assured that there is someone who knows our plans and who we could call upon should we require any assistance. I would definitely recommend Nordic Visitor to anyone who wants to go Scandinavia on a free-and-easy yet have all the hassle of planning taken care of.

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Christoph did an excellent job in arranging this tour for my family. Very well done and very appreciate the efforts put in to this arrangement. Please express our sincere thanks to Christoph.

This survey is a bit late in arrival. But better late than never. After all these months, we still think of the Scotland trip and how well it was planned.

We still remember Christoph. I have put comments in TripAdvisor but again, Helga was terrific. I could always rely on her to answer my emails the following morning and the additional advice she provided was invaluable. The planning and organization of the trip is indeed Nordic Visitor's strength.

From the personal pickup and drop-off at the airport to the personalized itinerary, that WONDERFUL MAP, notes of interest Helga wrote on the map for us, the book, and the accommodation arrangements. Helga made us so very comfortable with all the information that we could relax and enjoy Iceland. It is a stunningly beautiful country and we had a terrific time.

Had a great time at all hotels. Love extra suggestions of places to see and eat that were written on the map by your agent.

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As a self driving trip was glad to have someone book hotels, since I was unsure of how far I would be able to drive each day. Great suggestions for extra day trips. Loved having places of interested written on the map as they were not mentioned in travel books.

Everything was so easy from being picked up at airport, getting car, and traveling route. Our guide was exceptional, she was very knowledgeable, and fun company.

She included all sorts of wonderful "extra stops" which made the tour very special. We loved your beautiful country and the wonderful scenery in every part.Gambit Research, based in London, provides software development and statistical consultancy to. Venture Marketing Group - 15 days ago - save job - more. Smarkets is searching to find a performance marketing expert with the.

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On behalf of the Secretary of the Army

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arba number

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Arba number